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Where did you get your garden drum table?

This was a FB marketplace find, I unfortunately didn’t make it so I don’t have a pattern I can share however you will find many similar DIY designs online if you google drum or cable reel table


What wood did you use for your horizontal slat fencing?

My fence is made from 22x50mm sawn roof batons which were already treated for outdoor use. I purchased them from my local timber merchant Thornbridge Sawmills, this company also go by the name Timberworld in other parts of the UK. There is a 10mm gap between each slat.


Did you treat or paint your fencing?

No, my wood was already suitable for use outdoors, and I have not stained it, it has weathered to

this colour over time.


Where are your patio tiles from?

My patio is a slab stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs. I ordered the Midar Tile Stencil in size 45x45cm

however the styles and sizes have changed slightly since I ordered.


Can you power wash your patio?

I haven’t tried to power wash my patio since I painted it however I have seen it done on other pages. I use a brush and soapy water to keep my patio clean at the moment and the paint has lasted well, I have one section where it has peeled which is directly under where I take my bins out so is expected.


Where did you get your pergola kit from?

I fabricated my pergola from scratch using 4x100x100cm posts, and 8x2x6” struts. I googled various

pergola designs, watched some youtube videos and then made up the design as I went based on the

size of the space


Where is your dalmation wallpaper in your dressing room from?

This is a stencil that I purchased from Amazon in size medium.


Where is your coffee table from?

I made my coffee table, after watching a youtube video from DIY Huntress. You can check out the process on my Instagram highlights.

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Don’t see your question answered here? No problem, reach out and I’ll be happy to help.

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