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Interior Design.

Alex’s passion for DIY combined with her love of interiors is at the heart of the Casa Lawson brand. Alex believes that homes should be designed for life, with both aesthetics and practicality at their core. Alex found a community of like-minded individuals to share her love of woodwork with when she started Casa Lawson, a home and lifestyle blog on Instagram sharing her personal first time buyer journey. Her projects are regularly featured in the press including Ideal Homes, The Herald and Gardening Etc. Alongside her day job as an Engineer, Alex loves helping clients fall in love with their spaces by creating their own personal style at home.  When interiors are done correctly they have the power to transform a space and transport you to an idyllic world that give you that sense of “home”. Whether you are looking for some help with some small changes or perhaps you have a larger project on the cards, get in touch to talk through how Casa Lawsons interior design services could work for you. If you already have the wheels in motion, why not book in for your Casa Consultation today?  

Casa Lawson Bedroom

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