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Casa Lawson Policies

I have poured my heart and soul into building the Casa Lawson community and content over the last 2 years and always want to be as completely transparent as possible when blogging and creating content as I respect my audience who trust my recommendations. I would never advertise or endorse something I don’t adore or truly believe in, and on several occasions have turned down collaborations for this very reason. I have put together a short guide below to highlight some of the ways I will declare any partnerships or PR products as well as some safety information.

Safety Disclaimer

Casa Lawson is a blog which is intended to empower others to try DIY. However, please try all projects safely. Ensure you follow the instructions provided with all tools and wear the correct PPE when using tools, and always ask for help if required. Alex isn’t able to supervise every project that’s created user her plans nor observe the tools that are being used to recreate projects. Therefore, use of any information from this website, social media channels or email communication is to be used at your own risk. Under no circumstances will Alexandra Lawson or Casa Lawson Ltd be held liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to, indirect or consequential loss, damage, personal injury or death) from using information from this website, associated social media channels or email communications. Please follow all manufacturers safety guidelines and ask for professional help if you are unsure about a project.

Affiliate Marketing, Ads and Sponsored Posts

Sometimes, Casa Lawson will use affiliate links and targeted placement. These advertisements and links are provided to direct my audience directly to my favourite products. Although as no extra cost for you as the customer to click through and purchase, Casa Lawson may receive commission for the

sales made through these links and advertisements. This additional income helps to keep tutorials free across the website and associated social channels.


I am proud to work with the brands that I do partner with and will always declare any paid work – whether that be a sponsored blog post, paid social posts or a paid video collaboration.

Any paid blog posts always include a short disclaimer, and any paid social content will feature ‘ad’ at the beginning of the caption or post, as is required by the ASA.


Got some more questions – feel free to get in touch via email!

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