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Live, Sleep, Breathe Easier, Repeat.

As we transition back to more normal world, we find ourselves working from home perhaps part or all the time and are becoming more aware of having a happy, healthy and balanced life and home.

Up until recently, air pollution inside my home wasn’t something I had really considered or given much thought to. I’m sure many of you like me, are very aware that it can be harmful to breathe in polluted air when you’re outside, but did you know the same is true for when you’re indoor? AND, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Air pollution is dust, dirt or gases in the air inside buildings such as your home or workplace that could be harmful to breathe in. Poor air quality indoors has been linked to several lung diseases including asthma, COPD and lung cancer. A source in your home could be anything from gas stoves to wood burners, to damp and mould.

Having lots of house plants, or an air purifier/filter is a common way to curate a healthy environment indoors. So, what’s the problem I hear you ask? Air filters are often not very aesthetically pleasing not to mention harmful to the environment. 15M air filters were purchased in 2019 and the filter needs to be replaced every 6-8 months. These can’t be recycled and last for thousands of years before decomposing. This results in greater than 12,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually which equates to 500 London buses!! As a very new Londoner I can assure you this is insane!!

So can’t we just have lots of plants? Well, if you are as bad a plant mom as I am then this simply won’t help. Fear not, there is a new entrant to the market, set to pave the way in a sustainable fashion – enter Briiv. This award winning air filter is not only SO aesthetically pleasing, 1 Briiv = 3,043 house plants! OVER THREE THOUSAND?! And guess what?! They don’t need watered or tended to!! Result!! This short clip showing the difference it can make, is simply brilliant, and really helps with the visualisation.

With its aesthetic monochrome design coupled with moss giving jungle vibes this air filter is sure to blend into any home and look like a beautiful new piece of décor whilst also improving air quality. It comes with an app which can be used to control your filter and allows you to set a schedule. Not to mention it is a low power machine meaning it has low running costs which currently is a win win!

One thing which I loved so much about Briiv’s brand and what they stand for is their commitment to sustainability demonstrated by their circular design process. In layman’s terms, this is when a product is designed with the end of life in mind. Briiv decided early on in their design cycle, that being only recyclable wasn’t good enough due to the nature of plastics often only being able to be recycled a couple of times. They went one step further and prioritised biodegradability and natural sources of materials. Having this approach from the outset characterises Briiv’s commitment to sustainability and has ensured they have created a product which is not harmful to the environment.

Briiv’s air filter is made from 90% natural materials, including fully biodegradable filters made up of moss, carbon, coconut and silk to filter harmful particles. This biodegradable element means when you are finished with you filter it is able to be popped into your compost bin.

So why is improved air quality important? Beyond the health condition benefits, it is known to improve cognitive abilities, improve sleep and help your all round energy levels. Briiv is quick to get to work, and is proven to have a positive impact within an hour of being turned on. So weather you’ve just battled with the cat to remove her loose hairs, or cooked dinner, turning on Briiv will help remove these pollutants naturally.

In a month of using Briiv I have noticed a step change in my mood in the afternoon when working from home and real difference to the afternoon slump and brain fog. I have also noticed improved sleep with being able to get to sleep much quicker when I have I on before going to bed.

This air filter is above all else on the market and not to mention is a fab conversation starter at your next dinner party when people ask where your newest shelf addition is from. To find out more about the Briiv air filter and its innovative design process and technology head to Briiv’s website.

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